Sellable Basics

What is Sellable and why should I use it ?

Sellable is the simplest yet powerful app which converts your Instagram account/feed into a complete purchasable shop alongside your actual online store. Instagram feed is stale & limited as none of the posts can be linked to your actual products so that your followers can buy them. Sellable bridges this gap and makes it possible in a smart and innovative way. So anyone who wants to let their followers shop their instagram feed, Sellable is the one stop solution for them.

How Does Sellable Works?
  • Sellable allows you to link your shop's products with your Instagram posts.
  • Connect your Shop and Instagram account with Sellable.
  • Link your Instagram posts with your Product pages
  • Sellable creates your independent Shop URL which you can put to your Instagram profile
  • Your followers can click on your profile to reach to real Instagram feed where each of your post is a purchasable link to your product
  • If you are using Outfy app, the manual linking of your product pages to Instagram is not required.
How to link a product with an Instagram post?
  • Go to dashboard which shows your complete Instagram feed
  • Clicking on any post opens an overlay where you can link your product page(s) to that post. A quick typing will auto suggest your desired product.
Do I need to link each of my post to my product page?

Sellable works automatically if you are using Outfy app to post on your Instagram account. Otherwise, you need to do it manually. Using Outfy with Sellable saves you huge amount of time.

Is it compulsory to link each of my Instagram post to a product page?

No you do not have to. Sellable will still show your post but with no product linkage. However we shall show top comments on the post.

Can I link more than one product page to a single Instagram post?

Yes you can link multiple product pages to a single Instagram post.

Does Sellable have multiple store themes to choose from?
  • Yes, Sellable offers multiple store themes to choose. We keep on adding new themes from time to time.
  • You can select your best matching them from your settings page.
  • Themes reflect immediately upon refreshing your Instagram Store.
Can linking to multiple product pages be handled if I am using Outfy app?

Yes, Outfy will automatically link all the related product pages if the post has been posted using Outfy app.

How does Sellable + Outfy work in tandem?
  • Install Outfy for your Shopify store
  • Connect your Instagram to Outfy
  • Download Outfy mobile app on your phone
  • Post to Instagram using Outfy mobile app
  • Outfy will send the post and linkage to Sellable automatically
  • No manual linking required

Instagram Shop

Can I embed my Instagram shop in my Shopify Store?

Yes, you can embed your Instagram shop in your Shopify Store. Sellable gives you the ready made option to publish your Instagram shoppable feed to your Shopify store.

What is my Instagram Store URL?
  1. Sellable store URL – an Instagram shop is automatically created on Sellable ready to be used. You are free to use it wherever you can. Use this when you don’t want to create a separate page on your Store.
  2. Instagram store URL – use this option to create a separate page on your Shopify store where your Instagram feed will be displayed and ready to be shoppable. You can hit the “Publish” button to add this page to your Store.

In case you wish to handle all the process completely on your own, use the “Shoppable Code” to add the code manually to any of your target page.

Can I shorten my Instagram store URL and add it to my Instagram profile?

Yes, you can always do it. There is no issue in that.

How do I show my Instagram shop on my Shopify Store?
  • Go to your Settings .
  • Auto publish - Your Instagram shop URL is displayed here. You can either publish it directly using our recommended link OR follow the below step.
  • Manual publish – If you wish to manually configure your Instagram shop to any other page, then follow the below steps:
    • Follow Shopify instructions to create a link/page anywhere on your store to show your Instagram Shop. Shopify instructions can be found here
    • Copy the “Sellable Code” and add it your target page.


What are Sellable pricing plans?
  • Sellable offers one month of free trial.
  • Subsequent to that you can buy a monthly subscription plan. If you pay in advance, there are discounts available.
  • See pricing for complete details.
Can I switch between monthly subscription and one time payment?

You can switch to one time from monthly or vice versa with following conditions:

  • If you have paid one time(Half Yearly or Annual), you can switch to monthly anytime when your subscription validity is 30 days or less.
  • You can switch to one time payment from Monthly subscription whenever you want. Your remaining days of monthly subscription will be added to the one time payment validity.

Why don't I see the pay buttons on pricing page?

Payment button will come only if actually any payment is required.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime you want. However, there is no pro-rata system. Once a monthly subscription fee is charged, it cannot be reverted fully or partially.


Can I link my another shop to same Instagram shop?

No, currently Sellable allows one shop with one Instagram account to be linked together to create an Instagram Store.

Is there a limit of how many products we can link to a single post?

As of now there is no limit. However, it is not recommended to link more than 4 products per post.

Will Sellable slow down my actual store?

No, Sellable does not add anything to your actual store. It will continue to work as it is.

Is there a way to track the page views and other similar analytics?

Yes, we are working on it to provide you a comprehensive analytics about your Instagram store.